HiTest Information

Ecology-Clarification for Air Quality Testing
HiTest-Clarification for Air Quality Testing
C. Holmes & Kalispel Tribal Council-Response to Request
Ecology-Air Quality Testing
HiTest-Air Quality Testing
NETCHD request for HIA
Kalispel Tribe Statement to POC Commissioners
Ecology Response-Request for Lead Agency Status
Op-Ed Prosper or Harm
Exec Committee Invite-Newport Hospital
Exec Committee Invite-Newport School District
Director of Ecology-Request for Lead Agency Status
Exec Committee Invite-PUD
Kalispel HiTest Exec Comm Invitiation Reply
Exec Committee Invite-Kalispel Tribe of Indians
Exec Committee Invite-EDC
Exec Committee Invite-Newport
Exec Committee Invite-Bonner Co.
Exec Committee Invite-Port
Mississippi Officials-Visit Request
R-2017-38 Establishing Committees to Promote Local Efforts in Support of a Proposed Industrial Development Project of Statewide Significance
FAQ’s 09-20-17 – Answers submitted to EDC and posted on its website:  http://pocedc.org/hitest-faq/
EDC-Housing Shortage
Commerce Grant Accounting
A-2017-46 Amendment A to Department of Commerce Grant
Tax Title Accounting Distribution
Tax Title Property Deeds and Sale Information
R-2017-26 Amended Resolution Ordering Sale of Tax Title Property
C. Willenbrock-Intent to Sell Property
R-2017-22 Resolution Ordering Sale of Tax Title Property
S. Short-Employment Statistics
Governor Inslee-Economic Development
Press Release 01-31-17
Cusick-Usk UGA Steering Committee Invite-J. Ashton
Cusick-Usk UGA Steering Committee Invite-EDC
Cusick-Usk UGA Steering Committee Invite-P. Edgren
Cusick-Usk UGA Steering Committee Invite-Kalispel Tribe Chair
Cusick-Usk UGA Steering Committee Invite-Kalispel Tribe Vice-Chair
Cusick-Usk UGA Steering Committee Invite-PNC
Cusick-Usk UGA Steering Committee Invite-Port
Cusick-Usk UGA Steering Committee Invite-PUD
Cusick-Usk UGA Steering Committee Invite-B. Spencer
Cusick-Usk UGA Steering Committee Invite-Vaagen Brothers
Cusick-Usk UGA Steering Committee Invite-F. Willenbrock
A-2016-67 Interagency Agreement with Department of Commerce for Eastern Washington 2016 Environmental Permitting Grant
Department of Commerce Award of 2016 Environmental Permitting Grant
Letter of Support to HiTest J. Tymko
Support Request for Grant
Commerce Grant Application
Appreciation to Department of Commerce
Project of Statewide Significance Designation
HiTest Application for Project of Statewide Significance Support