CRP 824

Major rehabilitation of Fertile Valley Road

CRP 824 is planned to rebuild 2.5 miles of Fertile Valley Rd, from the outlet bridge of Sacheen Lake to State Highway 211. This project design concept will include slight vertical and horizontal alignment changes to facilitate increased finish lane widths of 12′ wide.  There is planned to be a 4′ wide paved shoulder on the lake side and curbing the entire length for storm water runoff control.  Overall pavement width of 28′ will increase site distances, and provide a safer corridor for all users.  The Engineering team plans on a town hall style meeting to discuss this project with all stakeholders, once the budgeting process is approved and finalized, which is anticipated to be mid-winter 2018.

Don Ramsey, P.E.

Project Engineer

George W. Luft

Design Engineer, Project Lead

Eric M. Roth, P.L.S.

Project Surveyor
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    625 W. 4th St. Newport, WA

Partners- WSDOT  & County Road Administration Board

County Contribution (Estimated $230,000.00)

Project Funding (Estimated $2,319,000.00)

Anticipated Project Start-Spring 2018

Anticipated Project Completion-Fall of 2018

Project Timeline

  • Preliminary Design Concept
    Winter 2001
  • Field Surveying of project limits
    Spring/Summer of 2002
  • Preliminary Design
    Winter 2003
  • Field Stake Proposed Alignment
    Spring Of 2003
  • Matching Funding From County Not Available
    Summer 2003
  • Project Put On A Status Of Hold
    Fall 2003
  • Project Funding Reviewed, Field Staking Recovered
    Spring 2007
  • Project Remains On Hold
    Fall 2007
  • Project Funding Review
    Spring 2017 Status-Return Funding Or Proceed
  • Project Determination
    Summer 2017-Board Of County Commissioners agree to seek matching fund budgeting