CRP 837

Replacement of the Sullivan Lake Inlet Bridge

CRP 837 will replace a one lane wooden bridge with a 2 lane concrete structure.  The current bridge was constructed in the 1930’s and has far outlived its functionality.  Pend Oreille County is partnering with WSDOT, County Road Administration Board, FHWA and Seattle City Light to provide a new bridge that will allow for two way traffic and be able to carry loads from modern day truck configurations.  The project will start in early Spring of 2018, when Versatile Industries, Inc. of Ione, WA will begin the in-water work before the lake level is raised.  All shoreline and in-water work is being done under permitting from the US Fish & Wildlife and Washington State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife.  The project is slated to be completed by mid May 2018.

Don Ramsey, P.E.

Project Engineer

George W. Luft

Design Engineer, Project Lead

Eric M. Roth, P.L.S.

Project Surveyor

Versatile Industries, Inc.

Project Prime Contractor
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    625 W. 4th St. Newport, WA


Partners- WSDOT, County Road Administration Board, Seattle City Light, FHWA

County Contribution (Estimated $215,200.00)

Project Funding (Estimated $1,076,00.00)

Anticipated Project Start-Early Spring 2018

Anticipated Project Completion-Late Spring of 2018

Project Timeline

  • Preliminary Design Concept
    Summer 2011
  • Funding Request
    Winter 2011-Grant Funding Sought
  • Grant Award
    Winter 2012- County awarded with project funding
  • Preliminary Engineering
    2013- Field Surveying, Environmental Studies
  • Design Completed
    2016- Bridge and Roadway design completed
  • Environmental Permitting
    Winter 2016- Environmental Permitting completed.  Permits for work issued to Pend Oreille County
  • Project Bids Cancelled
    Winter 2017- Project let for bid.
  • Bids not accepted
    Spring 2017- Board of Commissioners choose to reject all bids and place project on a state of hold due to Hwy 31 closure.  Board receives approval for extension of funding to 2018.
  • Project Rebid
    Project is re-bid.  Versatile Industries is awarded the bid for construction.  Work scheduled to begin March of 2018