Frequently Asked Questions

How is property valued?

State law requires that County Assessors value all taxable property at 100% of its true and fair market value in terms of money, according to the highest and best use of the property.  All real and personal property is subject to tax.  Recent sales of comparable property are used to help set values. 

What is market value?

The amount of money that a willing and unobligated buyer is willing to pay a willing unobligated seller.

If the house next door sells to an out-of-state buyer for much more than it is worth, will it affect my taxes?

Not necessarily, because a single property sale does not establish the market value of surrounding properties.

What kinds of property are taxable?

    1. Real Property (real estate) which is land, attached improvements (houses, garages, etc) and other improvements (park models mobile homes, garden/small sheds, etc) and improvements to the land (driveways, etc.)
    1. Personal Property means assets used in the operation of a business such as: machinery, equipment, signs, furniture, fixtures and supplies consumed in the operation of a commercial, industrial or agricultural enterprise.  Privately owned vehicles, household goods, furniture and personal effects typically are not subject to property tax.  Mobile homes are valued as personal property when they are located on leased land.  Otherwise, they are valued as real property.

What is a notice of value?

Property owners receive a notice of value when the department determines there has been a change in their property value.  The notice shows previous and current year’s values.  Current values are used to compute the following year’s taxes and include exemptions and deferrals on record.

Where do I go if I disagree with the assessed value of my property?

If you disagree with the value placed on your property, you can file an appeal with the Pend Oreille County Board of Equalization at (509) 447-2712.  Property owners are encouraged to talk with a county appraiser to verify that our assessment records are accurate.  Errors may be corrected without a hearing.

What is the Board of Equalization?

The Board of Equalization is an impartial citizen board that hears property value disputes and determines assessed value.  The board is located at the Old County Courthouse at 625 W 4th St in Newport.  You can call them at (509) 447-2712 for additional information or to request forms.

When do I file the BOE petition?

Petitions must be filed with the BOE within 30 days after your notice of value was mailed.  To protect your right to appeal, we recommend you file a petition while working with a county appraiser.

Didn’t Initiative 747 limit my property tax to a 1% annual increase?

No.  Individual tax bills and assessed values are not limited to a 1 percent increase or any other limitation.  Taxing districts have a series of budget limitations, the 1 percent budget increase limit being one of them; however, these limitations are complicated with special levies, banked levy capacity, annexations, and type of taxing district.