Available Volunteer Positions


The following Boards have members whose terms are expiring at the end of the year. If interested in any of these, please submit a letter of interest along with an informational statement: 

HOTEL/MOTEL TAX ADVISORY COMMITTEE has two openings. The open positions are for those that qualify as a collector of lodging tax funds or a business that is involved in tourism or promotional activities. Meetings are the third Friday of the month at 9 a.m. at Cusick Community Center. Please indicate your qualifications on your informational statement.

PARKS & RECREATION ADVISORY BOARD has one opening. Applicants should have an interest in recreational user groups including one or more of the following: Equestrian, Mountain Bike, OHV, Hiking, Winter Recreation, Water Sports, Hunting/Fishing and Wildlife/Scenic Viewing. The Board meets monthly to advise Commissioners on matters relating to Parks and Recreation. This 7-member board consists of one appointment from each of the Commissioner districts and four at-large appointments. Member terms are staggered initially, then six years at reappointment (RCW 36.68.040). Meetings are the third Wednesday of the month at 2 p.m. at County Courthouse.

PLANNING COMMISSION has openings for a resident from the Commissioner Districts #1 and #2. This 9-member board is charged with current and long-range planning function, certain permit applications, and acts as an advisory board to the County Commissioners. Three members from each of the Commissioner Districts serve on this Board. Member terms are 4 years (RCW 36.70). Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at Cusick Community Center.


This Board is charged with the cooperative control and management of noxious weeds, develops and manages Weed Board policy, adopts the County weed list which identifies mandatory weed control, reviews and oversees the annual budget, responds to community inquiries or complaints, and holds public hearings on new weed policy. See website for meeting information at https://pendoreilleco.org/your-government/noxious-weed-department/. Members are appointed from five districts to 4-year terms (RCW 17.10.050). 


The Board assists in the administration of property valuation at ‘fair market value’, providing a forum for property owners. Department of Revenue is the state agency charged with the responsibility of statewide administration of the property tax system. The Department’s broad authority over county officials in general and local boards of equalization in particular is contained in RCW 84.08.010 and RCW 84.08.060. This Board convenes in a 28-day session beginning July 15 or 14 days after the assessment roll has been certified. There is a $100 per day stipend for meetings and trainings in addition to mileage reimbursement. This is a 3-member board plus an alternate. Member terms are 3 years. For more information, visit https://pendoreilleco.org/your-government/board-of-equalization/. 


All of the above are volunteer positions. Informational statements are available on the County website at: www.pendoreilleco.org (click Volunteer on the Commissioners’ page) or at the Commissioners’ Office, 625 W. 4th St., PO Box 5025, Newport, WA 99156. Please send a letter of interest along with an Informational Statement to the address listed above. You may also email the above to the Commissioners’ Clerk of the Board at czieske@pendoreille.org. For additional information, please call 509-447-4119, or click on the “Description of Volunteer Boards” tab to the right.