Schedule a building inspection by calling (509)-447-6454. Properties that are farther north than the Cusick area are primarily scheduled on Wednesdays. The site address and permit number will be needed to make appointments.

Building Permitting Information

Building inspections and building permits are headed by Rick Cruse. If you have any further questions regarding building a structure you can email him at or call our department at 1-509-447-4821.
When do I need a building permit?

A good rule of thumb is that you should inquire about a building permit if the improvement to a property is structural. The following are examples:

-If constructing a new home, garage, shop, or placing a manufactured home.

-Additions and Remodels that would alter the structure of the house or increase the building footprint

-If adding an HVAC system or heating source such as a propane tank.

-Change of use/occupancy type of a structure. This usually refers to the conversion of non-residential structure into a residential one.

-Some more examples include: Structural sheathing, foundation work, truss repair, adding rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

When do I not need a building permit?

As of January 1st, 2016, one story detached accessory buildings used as tool and storage sheds, play houses, and similar uses, provided the floor area (outside line of framing) does not exceed 600 sq. ft. including any decks or porches, will not require a building permit. These structures must still be built to code but only require that their placement be approved through a ‘Site Analysis Application’.

From Application to Completion

The issuance of permit is a multi-stage process.

1. Before beginning any work such as grading or having blueprints drawn, it is important to fill out a ‘Site Analysis Application’. This form will require a line drawing of the site where the improvements are happening. An example is given in the packet of which dimensions will need to be shown. The purpose of this form is to see that  proposed development meets the required setbacks set forth by the ‘County Development Regulations’. An unapproved ‘Site Analysis’ cannot be turned in at same time as the ‘Residential Building Permit’ application.

2. The ‘Site Analysis’ will either need to be modified (if it would be in violation of code), or it will be approved. Once approved, the applicant will be notified and then they will then need to fill out a ‘Residential Building Permit Application’* form. This form will require that information about the project be filled out. It will also require a number of items be turned in with the application. Examples of information needed could be building plans, well water testing, and energy calculations. The forms and information that will need to be turned in are very much dependent on the project itself and more information can be found in the ‘Residential Permit Application’*

*Manufactured homes will use the ‘Manufactured Homes Permit Application’, and Commercial projects will use the ‘Commercial Building Application’

3. Permit Applications cannot be reviewed until they are considered complete, meaning that they must have all the required information before being accepted. Once Reviewed, the permit application will then be sent back for modification or approved. If it is approved, the permit will be issued once the fees have been paid for. (The fees associated with different projects can be seen on the ‘Fee Schedule’ form)

4. Depending on the project there will be a series of building inspections that will need to be scheduled with our department. 24 hours notice is required between the time of the request for inspection and the inspection itself. As of now there is one full time inspector for the county with an alternate available some of the time. Wednesdays are primarily when inspections in the northern part of the county are scheduled, with the cut off being approximately Cusick.

5. The ‘Site Analysis’ review will usually take about two weeks and the ‘Residential Permit Application’ will also take about 2 weeks. This is dependent if all information is turned in during the submittal of the application. Incomplete applications will delay the process.

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