Land Use Information

all applications are subject to an advertising fee for public affidavit notices. Advertising provided by Newport Miner (fees vary)
permits will not be issued until all fees have been paid.

If you have questions regarding land use, please feel free to call the office at (509) 447-4821. Please include as much parcel information as you can.


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).

  • Site Evaluation Application

    The Site Evaluation Application is required to be completed prior to ANY building and/or land use development. A scaled sketch of the parcel where improvement is occurring. This evaluation will ask you to show spatial relationships of different features (proposed and existing) of the parcel.

  • SEPA Checklist

    A current checklist/worksheet needed for determining the environmental significance of certain projects.

  • Application for Appeal

    This application is for the appealing of decisions made by the Planning Director (Community Development Department) or of those made by the Planning Commission.

  • Binding Site Plan & Master Planned Resort Application

    Original plans must be adhered to unless renegotiated between the building owner and the County. There may be request for mitigation of different factors. The application must be preliminarily approved by the Planning Commission and will ultimately be decided upon by the Board of County Commissioners.

  • Land Owner Consent Form

    A form authorizing an applicant to act on behalf of the property owner for the purposes of submitting applications for different County permits relating to building and land use.

  • Comprehensive Plan Text Ammendment Application

    An application to change the language or content of the Pend Oreille Comprehensive Plan. For those seeking to rezone a property, please use the Rezone Future Land Use Amendment application.

  • Re-Zone Future Land Use Map

    Future Land Use Map Amendments shall be processed as a Class 4 Permit (decision made by the Board of County Commissioners and appeals to be heard by the Eastern Washington Growth Management Hearings Board) based on a finding that the development activity is consistent with applicable County Development Regulations and the Goals and Policies of the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

  • RV Park Application

    If considering putting in an RV park, this is the specific application for that process. This is a class 2 application and will ultimately be decided upon by the Planning Commission in a public hearing.

  • Variance Application

    Variance Applications are needed when development regulations cannot be met, but a property owner would like to pursue a project. The most frequent instances of this are when parcels dimensions or geography do not allow for regulations to be met. Variances are a class 2 permit and are decided upon by the Planning Commission in a public hearing.

  • Special Use Permit Application

    These permits are for large events or temporary projects. The County will seek to determine and mitigate any negative impacts from such special uses. This is a class 1 permit and will be decided upon by the Community Development Director.

  • Clearing and Grading Permit

    Clearing and Grading of more than 1 acre requires that this application be filled out. There is no fee associated with this permit.