Developmental Disabilities Program

Services are provided to assist individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to obtain services and supports based on individual preference, capabilities and needs, and which promote everyday activities, routines and relationships common to most citizens.

Eligibility determinations for services are not made at the County level. The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) determines eligibility as defined by Washington State law.  Services eligibility will be determined after an assessment is completed.

A Developmental Disability as defined by law is a disability attributable to: mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, or another neurological or other condition closely related to mental retardation or that requires treatment similar to that required for individuals with mental retardation. This disability must have originated before the individual attained age 18, continued or can be expected to continue indefinitely, and results in substantial limitations to an individual’s intellectual and or adaptive functioning.

Services provided at this time in Pend Oreille County are:

Employment Services – These services provide ongoing support services and training for eligible persons with paid jobs in a variety of settings and work sites. This includes individual supported employment.

Community Access Services – These services provide activities, special assistance, advocacy, and education to help clients whose age or disability currently limits their ability to participate actively in their community.

Services are dependent on availability of funding and or eligibility for a specific service.

For more information about DD programs in Washington State you can access their web site at  The main phone number for DSHS Division of Developmental Disabilities is 360-725-3413.

Application packages may be obtained on-line or you may call us for a package.


Contact numbers in Pend Oreille County are:

Annabelle Payne  County Coordinator @ 509-447-5651

Jim Chermak  Developmental Disabilities Specialist and Community Coordinator @ 509-447-5651 or 509-671-0807

Developmental Disability Advisory Council Members:

David Odell – Chair

Judy Malby – Vice Chair

Mary Sterling

Denise Masters

Renee Masters

Ramona Mateer

March 2017 Council Meeting Minutes

May 2017 Council Meeting Minutes

August 2017 Council Meeting Minutes

November 2017 Council Meeting Minutes

February 2018 Council Meeting Minutes

Public Notice:

The Pend Oreille County Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board will be meeting from 12:00-1:30 P.M. on February 4, 2019.  The meeting will be held at the County Counseling conference room, located at 105 S. Garden Avenue in Newport.  Light refreshments will be provided.  If you require reasonable accommodations to participate in the meeting or have any questions, contact the Counseling Services office at 509-447-5651.