District Court Judge: Robin R. McCroskey

District Court Administrator: Rachel Johnson

Chief Deputy Clerk/Criminal: Brandy Hofstee

Chief Deputy Clerk/Civil/Jury Clerk: Jenni Seger

Deputy Clerk: Kim Schoonover

Criminal Justice Mental Health Coordinator/Court Bailiff: Jeff Nichols  Phone: 509-447-3889

The Hall of Justice is opened to the public 8 am to 4:30 pm. 

Due to the health concerns and recommendations from public health agencies regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Pend Oreille County District Court

has suspended normal operations. This is in accordance with General Court Rule 21 and Supreme Court Order 25700-B-602.

Individuals summoned for court hearings, please contact your legal counsel regarding the status of your case or contact the District Court office. You may send an email to districtcourt@pendoreille.org or call 509-447-4110. If you have yet to apply for a public defender and wish to do so, you may either call the District Court office or send in an application. The application is found on this website under the criminal tab. There is information on this website for payments online or you may contact the office. See the fees and online payments tab.

If you are sick or experiencing flu-like symptoms such as a cough, fever, or other respiratory problems, please do not come to the

Hall of Justice.

Pend Oreille County District Court’s Emergency Order:


For COVID 19 Courtroom Protocol, please click on the following link:


For options to appear via zoom or to call in for a telephonic appearance, please click on the following link:


Pend Oreille District Court is a court of limited jurisdiction serving the citizens of Pend Oreille County and the municipalities of Newport, Cusick, Ione, Metaline, and Metaline Falls. The District Court hears the following cases: felony first appearances, criminal misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors, traffic and non-traffic infractions, civil lawsuits for money damages up to $100,000 small claims up to $10,000 and name changes.

Office Hours:   8:00 a.m. to 4:30 Monday – Friday (payments will not be accepted at the window after 4:15 p.m.).

Phone:   509-447-4110 or 1-800- 359-1506 Fax: (509) 447-5724

Location:   229 S. Garden Avenue, Newport, Washington. Directions

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5030, Newport, Washington 9915

Weddings:  Due to the current court schedule, the judge is unable to perform weddings at this time.

Language Assistance Plan

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