Pend Oreille County A Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Ordinance


The Pend Oreille County Parks and Recreation Board has designated two areas within the park system as Non-motorized. The first is the trail system and all other areas (excluding the paved road that allows entry into the park) inside the 440 acre Pend Oreille County Park located in the south end of the County where hiking, camping, horse-back riding, bird watching and snowshoeing are the major activities. The Sweet Creek Rest Area, located in the north end of the County, where picnicking and hiking predominate is also a designated Non-motorized area. The Pend Oreille County Parks and Recreation Board will continue to designate these two areas as Non-Motorized.
At this time, all other County lands under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Recreation Board shall remain open to both motorized and non-motorized recreational activities. Efforts shall be taken to develop and coordinate maintenance, improvements, facilities, and events so that motorized and non-motorized recreational activities are able to co-exist in the same areas without conflict. If damage to natural resources occurs or problems arise between motorized and non-motorized recreational interests, the Parks and Recreation Board will consider each individual area and take steps to resolve conflicts keeping in mind at all times resource conservation as well as the best interests of the residents of Pend Oreille County.


Currently UTV’s and ATV’s with or without Tracks  are not allowed in the sno-parks for winter recreation.  For more information please call Washington State Parks and Recreation (360)902-8684 or go to


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