Welcome to the Pend Oreille County Geochallenge web page.

We are very excited to host this event. The goal of the challenge is to share the beauty of what Pend Oreille County has to offer,

such as recreation, scenery, arts, history, and food.

Comments from Cachers

"We enjoyed each and every stop along the way from the many great river views, hiking trails, ponds, and alpine like lakes. " "Wow what an adventure this was. Pend Oreille County Coin Challenge was by far the best coin challenge route I have ever taken." "I have done many coin challenges, I have also done many coin challenges in one day and they all were fun in their own way this challenge was by far the best!" "This was an amazing “Geo-Tour” – one of the best we have ever been on. We really appreciate all the hard work that went into organizing the challenge." "The series was a very nice mixture of easy park n’ grabs and short hikes. It took us to some really beautiful areas that we didn’t know existed."

Here are the steps to participate in the challenge:

  1. Create a free account at www.geocaching.com
  2. Download and print the Pend Oreille County Geochallenge Passport: download
    • There are boxes on the passport that are labeled 1-25.
    • 20 geocaches have keywords located on the bottom of the lid and 5 caches have a stamp.
    • The keyword or stamp needs to be placed in the corresponding box
  3. Download and print the list of the 25 caches hidden throughout the county: download
  4. Start off on your adventure
  5. Please take advantage of the local business that are providing discounts for participating. They are located on the passport.
  6. Once completed, mail (or hand in) your completed passport for review and to claim your coin

Upon completion of your Passport, your prize will be a beautiful gold Pend Oreille County Geocoin.

Only 50 have been minted, so get your Passports completed and sent in early.

Do not throw away your Passports if the coins are gone. Pend Oreille County may mint another round if there is a demand.

The Pend Oreille County Geochallenge Event hosted on Saturday was better than expected. We had a great turnout of about 30 people.

Many thanks to the organizations/businesses that had a booth:

  • Pend Oreille County 4-H provided an excellent and tasty selection of breakfast items, as well as coffee. Thanks Dixie and crew.
  • Cache Advance – Had a varied display of geocaching items and books for sale. Also, Cache Advance hosted a Geocache 101 class that was well attended.
  • PORTA – Had numerous tourism related information related to Pend Oreille County. Thanks Susan.
  • Washington State Geocaching Association (WSGA) – They provided a grant to help with the promotion and materials for the challenge. They also had a booth set for help downloading the locations into handhelds and phones.

Cachers that have turned in Completed Passports

12 Coins Left (updated 03/30/2016)

    1. Peach & Pete
    2. Granitic Intrusions
    3. The TC Life
    4. GSFirefly & RLDrosophila
    5. Hardway Ranch & Spotfinder 72
    6. Trevor & Kate
    7. Martin 5
    8. Sunshine Geo
    9. Kootnay Pirates
    10. Ms Marvelous
    11. LLCOOL
    12. “Mystery Cacher”
    13. Swiss Cheese Brain
    14. 3dachsunds
    15. Denicher
    16. GaryJL
    17. Airrooster
    18. 0068
    19. PBRJWIN
    20. River Dwellers
    21. KKLNdike Explorers
    22. Doogie
    23. Tumbleweed 2
    24. Pirates of the St. Joe
    25. Caching Clutes
    26. LookoutLisa
    27. Wiildrose
    28. GrandmaTammy
    29. Mtngoat 50
    30. SuperNewmans
    31. “Mystery Cacher”
    32. Eastman
    33. Mr. & Mrs. Parts
    34. leojud
    35. Oldtown#1
    36. Walk-Ins
    37. Grandkids Rock
    38. Highprairie

Cachers are coming from all over to complete the challenge.