CRP 824

Major rehabilitation of Fertile Valley Road


Curbing work is mostly completed. Paving is scheduled for Sept 25th.

Paving is scheduled for 9/24/2018, then crews will begin to pave approach  aprons and gravel the finish grade connections to existing driveways.  This work will eliminate the difficult exits that are happening.  We thank you for your patience during this phase of work.

Don Ramsey, P.E.

Project Engineer

George W. Luft

Design Engineer, Project Lead

Eric M. Roth, P.L.S.

Project Surveyor
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    625 W. 4th St. Newport, WA

Partners- WSDOT  & County Road Administration Board

County Contribution (Estimated $230,000.00)

Project Funding (Estimated $2,319,000.00)

Anticipated Project Start-Spring 2018

Anticipated Project Completion-Fall of 2018

Project Timeline

  • Preliminary Design Concept
    Winter 2001
  • Field Surveying of project limits
    Spring/Summer of 2002
  • Preliminary Design
    Winter 2003
  • Field Stake Proposed Alignment
    Spring Of 2003
  • Matching Funding From County Not Available
    Summer 2003
  • Project Put On A Status Of Hold
    Fall 2003
  • Project Funding Reviewed, Field Staking Recovered
    Spring 2007
  • Project Remains On Hold
    Fall 2007
  • Project Funding Review
    Spring 2017 Status-Return Funding Or Proceed
  • Project Determination
    Summer 2017-Board Of County Commissioners agree to seek matching fund budgeting
  • Public Meeting
    There was a meeting on 1/23/2018 for the users of this corridor.

    There were many road users in attendance, and PW Staff answered questions regarding Alignment, Water Drainage, Snow Removal, Driveway and Road Access, Pavement Width and Sewer/Utilities, Roadway Closures During The Project.  PW thanks everyone for bringing their questions forward.

  • Shoreline Substantial Development Permit
    The SSDP advertised in the Newport Miner on 1/24/2018.  Public Comment Period will remain open until 2/8/2018.  Signs were posted on both ends of the project.
  • Request for Qualifications-Material Testing and Inspection
    A Request for Qualifications for Material Testing and Project Inspection was published in the Newport Miner on 1/24/2018.  POC is seeking an engineering firm to provide testing of project materials, compaction and concrete & asphalt placement during construction activities.
  • Mandatory Pre Bid Meeting
    The engineering team held the mandatory pre bid meeting on March 22nd.  There were over 20 in attendance.
  • Contractor Award
    Award was made to W.M. Winkler Company in the amount of $2,220,310.35
  • Start Date
    A project start date of July 9th, 2018 has been set.
  • Work begins
    Mobilization of equipment, utility locates, temp mail box work
  • Curb Work Nearly Completed
    Crews are working diligently in the effort to complete the primary curb installation by the beginning of the holiday weekend.  We appreciate your patience during this time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to county officials if you have any additional concerns or questions.
  • Paving scheduled
    Schedule to begin paving on 9/24/2018