CRP 824

Major rehabilitation of Fertile Valley Road

Don Ramsey, P.E.

Project Engineer

George W. Luft

Design Engineer, Project Lead

Eric M. Roth, P.L.S.

Project Surveyor
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    625 W. 4th St. Newport, WA

Partners- WSDOT  & County Road Administration Board

County Contribution (Estimated $230,000.00)

Project Funding (Estimated $2,319,000.00)

Anticipated Project Start-Spring 2018

Anticipated Project Completion-Fall of 2018

Project Timeline

  • Preliminary Design Concept
    Winter 2001
  • Field Surveying of project limits
    Spring/Summer of 2002
  • Preliminary Design
    Winter 2003
  • Field Stake Proposed Alignment
    Spring Of 2003
  • Matching Funding From County Not Available
    Summer 2003
  • Project Put On A Status Of Hold
    Fall 2003
  • Project Funding Reviewed, Field Staking Recovered
    Spring 2007
  • Project Remains On Hold
    Fall 2007
  • Project Funding Review
    Spring 2017 Status-Return Funding Or Proceed
  • Project Determination
    Summer 2017-Board Of County Commissioners agree to seek matching fund budgeting
  • Public Meeting
    Meeting on 1/23/2018 for the users of this corridor.

    Sacheen Lake Fire Station #32

    5-7 PM

    Open House Format