2018 Property Tax Information

Per RCW 84.56.020, the 2018 Real and Personal Property Tax Rolls are complete. We are able to collect and receipt for 2018 and prior year taxes at this time.

You should receive your 2018 tax statements mid-February, 2018. Please notify our office if you do not receive a statement. You may obtain tax information on our website, by phone, or by coming to the office. We mail tax statements directly to owners or deliver them electronically if the owner has chosen that option.  This allows property owners to be better informed regarding their tax amounts and the status of those taxes. If you have a mortgage company, the statement you receive is for informational purposes only. However, please verify that your mortgage company does pay your taxes, so the taxes do not become delinquent.

Mortgage and tax service companies receive the billing file electronically. The electronic billing and payment process is very cost effective to the taxpayers and to the companies. It saves mailing costs, is efficient, and payments are more accurate.

When you receive your tax statements this year, you will notice we are offering another paperless option, eNoticesOnline, which is being provided by our printing and mailing service provider.  There is a code on your statements to sign up for this option. We encourage you to check the website or phone our office if you have questions.

We also accept credit cards, debit cards and e-checks through Point&Pay®.  Use the Real Property Search link on our website to locate your property and proceed from there to make a payment.  Of course, you can always come in to the office or mail in your payment. Information regarding properties including tax and payment options can be found online at Pend Oreille County Treasurer

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our office. We are always happy to assist you or refer you to the proper office.

Terri Miller, Treasurer